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January for White Plains & most Villages (February) are next filing dates; Click on "Filing Deadlines" to see your deadline. NO extensions ever permitted! Call us; 914-246-2829.

To assist you in generating your documents, please have the following information available:
    • Assessed value & Parcel Tax ID - You need the total assessed value (and land only value) as well as the parcel tax ID number. Get this from your most recent property tax bill or by calling the assessor's office.

    • Annual property taxes - You need all property taxes paid: local, county and school. Get this from the tax collector, your realtor, bank escrow annual form or your federal income tax form 1040-Sch. A.

    • Value of home - You need a fair current selling value of your home. This can be a recent purchase price, recent appraisal, recent listing with a realtor, etc.