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 (This site was created mainly for the NY State homeowner who resides in their house) 

Using our 8 STEP approach and giving us 10 minutes of your time we will guide you to enter the necessary data about you and your home which then will allow you to file your tax grievance form (RP 524) with the local assessor. Each Step is user friendly. So at the end of the 8 steps you will have entered all data necessary to challenge (grieve) your tax assessment. Before signing up with a competitor compare their total fee with our one time flat fee.

After you enter your data you can then decide to pay for our service. Even if you do not use our service you will know what your potential property tax savings will be. And remember, this tax savings is for EVERY YEAR. Our services are provided for a ONE TIME flat fee of only $279.00, well below the competition who charges a percentage of your tax savings.

The competition usually charges 75 percent of the tax savings-even at times up to 100 percent of the first year's tax savings. And they do the same 10 minutes of input time you do (don’t let them sway you otherwise). If you contact a person/firm that uses this percentage fee concept you should ask them for an estimated dollar amount their fee would be given the estimated tax savings.

Remember, no one can guarantee any outcome. We can, however, guarantee your time using our site will reward you with savings over any other firm who provides you tax grievance services.

A tax grievance is a tax proceeding much easier than filing an individual tax return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A tax filing with the IRS could require anywhere from one page to well over 30 pages or more. The tax grievance form is a standard four page form, regardless of your property size, use or value. It is this standard format that allows us to provide you services well below the costs of others.

And if you do not achieve any tax savings then you have up to one year to apply for a refund. See our “Disclaimer” for further details on refunds of your fee.