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Terms of Services

Our site services essentially works as follows:

1. You log into your account for our site (or create an account and then log in). The account is specific to one parcel/piece of real estate per year. Please note that filing a property tax grievance in two consecutive years is not allowed by New York State law.
a. For any existing case number for your email you may log back in and access the data as often as desired by using your account related e-mail and such assigned case number.
b. Once you process the file and pay the fee you are limited to the line items that you may edit. This is to ensure that the payment for the site’s use is limited to one parcel per year per paid fee.
2. You enter your specific property data, as requested by our site. This data is available from a number of sources such as your most recent property tax bill, your local assessor and elsewhere. Be sure to verify the accuracy of your data input.
3. Our site will disclose the ESTIMATED property taxes you may save by filing a tax grievance.
4. If you want to proceed with the tax grievance-based on the ESTIMATED tax savings you will have to pay our standard fee by acceptable credit card.
5. The payment is for one property ONLY for one year ONLY.
6. Once you proceed by paying the required fee you MAY NOT EDIT data any more, EXCEPT for
               a. Fair market value of the parcel
               b. Contact telephone numbers
               c. E-mail contacts
               d. Representative’s data
               e. Mailing address (but you may NOT change the grieving parcel address/location)

SCAR (Small Claims Assessment Review); Appeal Process-
7. Upon your receipt of the notice of decision from the Board of Assessment Review (BAR) as to your initial grievance request you and only you need to decide whether you are willing to accept the decision of the BAR.
8. If you do not feel a sufficient tax assessment reduction was achieved at the BAR level you need to click on the SCAR appeal tab and follow the instructions for filing the SCAR appeal. There is no additional fee for this. Our site will guide you to filing the SCAR petition. If you do not proceed with the SCAR process you, by default, have accepted the BAR’s decision, and you will NOT be entitled to any refund of our fee.

9. Remember, all data entered on our site is your responsibility as is the filing you make with the government. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy thereof.
10. The “How Site Works” link is essential to this “Terms of Service" (TOS). You must read and understand “How it Works” and this “TOS” before creating your User account.
11. The “How Site Works” link is essential to this “TOS”. Remember, the "Disclaimer", “How Site Works”, “Privacy Policy” and this “TOS" are subject to change without notice. All Users are required to read and understand them each time they log onto site.